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Google Adwords Text Image Ad FormatGoogle adsense youtube earnings Part-3

The approval process may take a few days, so please be patient to wait a few days, and then see whether your ad to appear.AdWords video ads BasicsAdWords video ads BasicsIf you wish to contact the online video audience, while developing a specific campaign objectives for the online video and entertainment space, you can collaborate with Google, YouTube, and our publishing partners, entirely for your video content audience more Integration of publicity. Online video is one of the most extensive media consumption areas, hundreds of millions of audiences who are open and accustomed to advertising in video content.Video placements can help you expand your brand's reach extends around the world willing to view, share, and create new video content of a wide variety of users. Video ads can provide users with a rich and engaging advertising experience that can enrich web video content, video content or advertising associated with the viewer's products or services. Thus, the campaign can achieve better online branding and cross-promotional effect.Video ads Core ConceptsExteriorDepending on the format of advertising, video ads have the following display mode: In video content display, along with a video showing the content or video content around the show. Only after the content providers choose to run a specific video ad formats, the corresponding video ads can appear on their site. Video ads to show users when used, and the way users interact with the ad, depends on the video format:To watch the show on the ad network web site for video commercials in Google, image overlay video ads and text overlay video ad sample, please visit the video ad demos.To view a sample click to play video ads to show on the ad network sites running on Google, please visit click to play video ad demos.Advertising productionYou need to use the Display Ad Builder to create a video ad.PricingAccording to the video ad format, you can choose CPC pricing or per thousand impressions (CPM) pricing.LocationTo show your ads, you must be targeted to the Google Display Network. These ads will not appear in Google search results page. You can also by language or country / region for video advertising to locate, in the world, national or local advertising. In addition, you can use placement targeting to users browsing certain categories of content, or just put your video ads for specific sites.Use the Display Ad Builder to create a video adUse Display Ad Builder, you can quickly and easily create compelling ad (including video ads), attract your audience. Before you start creating video ads, you first need to make sure that you have selected in the Google Display Network to display ads for the campaign.

Then, follow these steps to create a new ad in your AdWords account:In the advertisement tab, select New ad , then select from the drop-down menu Display Ad Builder .Select a video format support display ad templates.Fill in the required fields in this template, including uploading any assets or selecting a previously uploaded asset.Save ad.The video ad campaigns combined with organic togetherNote that to create a successful video campaign, campaign settings is essential. Here are some considerations when designing your video campaign to keep in mind:Placement-targeted and keyword-targetedVideo ads only on the Google Display Network show, you can not show on Google search results pages. Only after the content providers choose to run a specific video ad formats, the appropriate format to display on its website.Video ads on you can choose our advertising network specific site, you can use keywords to target on your product or service related pages:If you enable the managed placements, select you think your target audience will find interesting sites or categories. If possible, we recommend that you specify at least ten sites. This will help ensure that your ads get enough opportunity to show, in order to determine the relative effectiveness of advertising.If you're running a keyword-targeted campaign, you must make themed ad groups that only contain keywords that relate to a specific topic.Language and Location TargetingYou can locate video advertising in the world, national or local advertising. Please advertise only for the area where you conduct business. If your ad is tailored to a particular area, use geo-targeting to control the placement of advertising. This way, you can ensure that only want to attract audiences to their display ads.PricingThe production of advertising and other formats, like, for video ads, you can choose according to CPC bidding, you can choose per-thousand impressions (CPM) bid. To do this, you simply are making different types of campaigns can: keyword-targeted campaign uses cost-per-click bids, placement targeting campaign uses CPC or CPM bid bid .Fees to be paid depends on your choice of pricing model:CPC pricing: text overlay ads, video embedded advertising, click to play video ads if you choose to display one of the video ad network or as text ads to target, you can choose CPC pricing. At this point, you need to set a maximum bid per click for the ad receives, and set the appropriate keywords for your campaign belongs to a budget cap to limit its total costs. You need to pay when a user clicks to visit your site, but not when a user clicks on a video ad's opening image or play button. Example : You choose the maximum cost of 0.5 yuan per click for an ad group 5 keywords. You set a daily budget of $ 10 for the ad group's campaign. This campaign contains only this ad group. These keywords are able to not more than 0.5 yuan price to attract clicks, until the campaign reached within a day costs 10 yuan (or reach 300 yuan in a month) so far.Price-per-thousand impressions (CPM): Text overlay ads, video commercials, video embedded advertising, click to play video ads if you choose CPM pricing for each (only for not target the search network campaigns), you need to Initial impressions images obtained payment, instead of paying for video playback times.Select your bid amount deemed appropriate. If not getting many impressions, try increasing your bid to improve your visibility. As with all AdWords ad formats, video ads will compete for the Google Display Network to show rankings with text ads and other display ads compete. Higher bids can help your video ad show over the competition and win ad placement.AdWords Mobile Ads BasicsAnd on the desktop to show text ads, image ads and video ads similar to mobile advertising is a special ad formats for mobile phones. In order to adapt to the smaller screen mobile phone, mobile advertising is less than the size of the desktop advertising.There are two kinds of mobile ad formats: text ads and image ads.When users browse the Internet on the phone, if they search on Google.com.hk, or visit our mobile display ad network (that is hosting Google ads on mobile sites), mobile ads will display. And similar desktop-based image ads, mobile image ads can only appear on the mobile display ad network.Mobile advertising must point to the mobile website. You can also choose to add mobile text ads at the end of a "call" link, so that users can call directly, without accessing your mobile website.It should be noted that, with the development of the mobile phone market, similar to the iPhone which is equipped with a full Internet browser for mobile devices like desktop computers have been able to show the same full page. Therefore, these mobile devices show is standard AdWords text ads, image ads and video ads, mobile advertising format rather than as described in this lesson.

Learn more about how to target mobile devices with full Internet browsers.Before making mobile ads, we recommend that you create a separate campaign specifically for mobile ads and settings. This can facilitate you to monitor and optimize mobile advertising effect.Then, follow these steps to create a new mobile advertising in your AdWords account:Select that you want to create a new ad campaign and ad group. Be sure to perform this operation; only if your campaign targets national / regional support mobile advertising, "Mobile Advertising" option appears.Click the top of the table a new ad drop-down menu, then select mobile advertising .Fill in the fields as needed.Click Save ad .Try it Now: View Mobile Ad FormatsMobile ads are designed for display on mobile phones designed. When attracted to a search on a mobile phone user, be sure to direct them to a mobile website. Advertisers can use both text and image ads to attract users.Follow these instructions to create a mobile image ads.Log in to your AdWords account.Go to the campaign, and then click on the "Ads" tab.From the New ad drop-down menu to select mobile advertising .Choose to add to this new ad ad group.Select WAP image ads option.Click on Select File before buttons, scroll to expand the format specification question mark icon.If necessary, adjust the picture.Click to select the file , go to the file you want to upload.Provides display and destination URLs.Click Save ad to finish.Please consider the following questions:What options can be used to locate a particular mobile operator?What marketing objectives will gain maximum benefit from the use of mobile advertising?Whether you need to use the Display Network targeting to launch mobile image ads?Geotargeting impact on mobile ad impressions campaign?Rich Media Advertising BasicsCore concepts of rich media ad formatsExteriorRich media ads include video ads, Flash animated ads, and ads that mix text, animation and various design in order to increase user engagement ad network.

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