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Google Adwords Text Image Ad FormatGoogle adsense youtube earnings Part-5

Pricing per thousand impressions (CPM) : If you choose CPM fee pricing, you need to pay for impressions your ad receives. Example : If you make use of every thousand impressions (CPM) pricing click to play video ads, you need to press the initial picture video ad impressions (instead of video playback times) cost.Select your bid amount deemed appropriate. If not getting many impressions, try increasing your bid to improve your visibility. As with all AdWords ad formats, rich media display ads will compete for the Google Display Network to show rankings with text ads and other display ads compete. Higher bids can help your ad stand out from the competition and win ad placement.Rich Media Advertising BasicsGuidelines and best practices for text adsText Ad Guidelines and PoliciesAdWords text ads are subject to AdWords advertising policies, otherwise it may be disapproved. Disapproved ads will not run on Google or Google Ad Network.AdWords text ad policies is divided into three parts: the editing and formatting policies, content policies and link policies. All guidelines are to serve the same purpose, that is to help advertisers create effective ads meet their advertising goals.Here are several important AdWords text ad policies. Also, visit the AdWords Help Center View the complete text ad policies.Edit and format : These policies typically apply to the ad text (ie, the first three lines of ad content). For example:Character limit: I hope the use of ad title, ad text, and URL must meet the appropriate character limit, not to incomplete forms show.Prices, discounts and free gift: If your ad includes a price, special discount, or "free gift" and so on, the corresponding content must be clearly and accurately displayed on your website and find the corresponding landing page content through advertising process should not exceed 1-2 hits.Punctuation: Ads must comply with a series of relevant regulations, one of which is at most only use one exclamation point.Content : These policies involved are the advertised goods and services, but may also apply to your ad and site content.For example, we do not allow weapons or promote specific drug test cheating aids in the advertisement.

Link : These policies involve the display and destination URLs used in advertising. For example, the display URL must be accurate, and links to your site should allow users to control them on the landing page.Writing Targeted Ad TextThe following are some specific suggestions to help you improve your ad text attractive.Create simple, enticing ads . Compared with competitors, which differs from your product or service? Highlight these key differentiating points in your ad. Be sure to describe each special or promotional offers.Include prices and promotions . Product-related information obtained by the user from your ad text more advertising more effective. For example, if a user sees the price of a product and still clicks the ad, it shows that they intend to purchase at that price. If they think the price, they will not click on your ad, and you will be able to save cost of that click.Use a strong call to action . Your ad should explain the advantages of the product or service at the same time contain a call to action. Call to action to encourage users to click on your ads, ensure that users can understand exactly what you want them to perform operations on your landing page. Can be used as a call to action include: buy, buy, immediately call, ordering, browsing, registration and inquiry quote ; although the "Find" and "Search" and the verb meaning very clear, but the attention of users of these operations may still be examine the state does nothing to encourage users to perform your desired operation.Contains a keyword in your ad text . Find the best keywords in your ad group and ad text (especially the title) was added to the keyword. As long as the user enters the keyword and see your ads, your Google ads will appear in bold keyword phrases. This helps attract the user's attention to your ad and show your ads relevant to their search.Guidelines and best practices for image adsImage Ad Guidelines and PoliciesStatic image ads can be .gif, .jpg and .png formats. Animated image ads can be .gif or Flash format. Maximum file size of image ads for 50 KB.Image ads can be the following dimensions:250 x 250 square200 x 200 small square468 x 60 Banner728 x 90 Leaderboard300 x 250 Inline Rectangle336 x 280 large rectangle120 x 600 skyscraper160 x 600 wide skyscraperImage ads should clearly and accurately reflect the product or service website and emphasize the unique advantages.If the image ads violate these rules, they will not be allowed to serve. Visit the image ad policies page see a full list of guidelines.Best practices for image adsThe following is a summary of some of the best practices we hope to help your image ads play the best results:Display ads and text ads actually not essentially different for text ads practices generally applicable to image ads. The following are seven key points to note:Use compelling call to action, such as "learn more", "Buy Now" or "immediate access."Focused on your display URL. Display URL usually contains the company name, is an important part of the text ads. Larger play space image ads, you can add your own brand or logo in the picture ad.Adding details, such as price, whether to provide delivery services and related promotions activities.Relevance is key. Make sure that your ads will direct users to relevant landing page.Appropriate use of capital (available in English). Multimedia advertising has an advantage is that you can use all uppercase. You can take advantage of this.If you provide a temporary price discounts or offers, you can create a multimedia ad missed or never atmosphere.Use "MISS!", "Limit buy" and "special offer" and other expressions to attract users' attention and encourage them to take action.Keep it simple. The more concise content, the better the user's response, so please try to be concise.Added products and / or product users a clear picture to help users advertising to build awareness.Ensure that all advertising information consistent tone, it helps to build a more unified brand image. If your offline advertising has achieved good results, it is also likely to be put to work online. Make your online advertising consistent with television commercials and print ads.Interaction with the user might play a good effect, but the best superficial, do not let the user do this trouble. First to convey the message to tell the user, and then to interact.Users maintain attention span is not very long, which means that if you can not quickly (within three seconds!) So that they are interested in or attract their attention, they will walk away, and your data will unable to communicate.If your campaign includes multiple ads, or your ad contains several frames, make sure each ad are all valuable. The best approach is within each frame are added to your company's brand or logo, ensuring that clearly convey advertising messages / advantage / difference.If you want to use our free Display Ad Builder tool to create image ads, please refer to these best practices.Guidelines and best practices for video adsVideo advertising guidelines and best practicesBefore creating a campaign, you need to understand the selected video ad formats subject to the advertising policies and requirements.

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