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Google Adwords Text Image Ad FormatGoogle adsense youtube earnings Part-6

When creating a campaign and video ads, you need to ensure that they comply with the relevant guidelines.Next, in order to create a successful video campaign, you need to determine your goals is to make branding campaigns, or direct response campaigns. Then, you can determine the most appropriate way according to their own objectives, and accordingly set up to coordinate the content of the campaign and video ads.Video advertising guidelines and policiesAdWords video ads are subject to AdWords advertising policies, and different video ad formats, applicable policies are slightly different. If you violate these guidelines, video ads will be disapproved. Disapproved ads will not run on Google or Google Ad Network.Visit the AdWords Help Center view for video ad policies.Best practices for video advertising productionVideo contentFor the commercial production of the video should be direct and richly attractive. Any audience has, so it's all along during video playback is very important to attract the user's attention. Remember the following suggestions for your benefit.Because when users watch video may be halfway full length, so please provide key information as early as possible in the video. Once the video more than 45 seconds, playback rate will have fallen sharply, and some publishers may only accept no more than 15 seconds of video.As the video may be the only way to communicate with your site, so be sure to express clearly the scope of your business and to convey the message.After allowing users to watch video clearly what to do next, such as making a purchase or visit your website or store.Video content to have fun, informative and relevant to your business. Unlike TV advertising, the viewer can become a captive audience, it all depends on whether they choose to continue watching your ad, and viewers are likely to leave at any time. If the video of the story is very interesting, users can video understand your product's features, then they are more likely to view most of the content of your video.

Video ads can make use of visual and auditory two channels to transmit information to the customer, so make sure you use the voice and soundtrack complement the overall information. If you use the tracks, the music should not drown out the sound of the voice.Initial pictures (click only play video ads) :Your images should have descriptive and compelling. To be able to produce good results the initial picture, we recommend that you use the following tips:Use rich, sharp colors entice users to click to play video content.Use a few words to describe your product, service and / or company.Use a call to action, let the user know to play the video to learn more in order to improve the playback rate.Using different initial image size Create multiple video ads, increasing the number of candidate placements.Avoid standard banner ads as the initial picture. We found that does not look like the original image ads are more likely to stimulate interest. This "non-commercial" images make users feel click on the "play" button and watch your video can make them a lot.Avoid using too crowded in the initial picture of text, the information is often too crowded and complicated user will lose its appeal. The key is to arouse the curiosity of users, so that they are eager to understand video content.Ensure consistent quality of the initial picture quality and video. If the original picture by showing funny attractive Click to play video, but the video content is disappointing, it will leave a bad impression on the audience.Best practices for video advertising effectivenessYour best to monitor the effects of video advertising, advertising in order to ensure the most beneficial way for you to attract customers.

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